Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Penn State costs from Jerry Sandusky scandal approaching $17 million

The price tag for the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State was closing in on $17 million as of the end of June.

The university releases an update of costs from the case each month, and the latest numbers totaled $16.75 million.

That’s up from $14.5 million at the end of May and $12 million the month before.

The university’s $17 million bill includes $9.9 million for internal investigations and crisis communications. The university paid Louis Freeh & Sporkin $6.5 million for an investigation into the school’s response to the scandal.

The university also has a 12-month contract with public relations firm Edelman for $2.5 million, which means $208,000 a month.

Another $3.9 million is for the university’s legal defense services, and $1.6 million is for defense bills for university officers.

Gary Schultz, a former senior vice president, and Tim Curley, the university’s athletic director, are facing perjury charges for testimony they gave related to the Sandusky case. Former President Graham Spanier has not been charged with anything but has retained lawyers. Attorneys for all three have denied the former administrators were involved in any type of cover-up of abuse by Sandusky.

The legal fees of the administrators are covered under the university’s insurance policies, which are expected to reimburse Penn State for some of the costs.

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