Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Judge in Jerry Sandusky case wants appeal involving protective order tossed

Judge John Cleland is seeking the dismissal of an appeal by an attorney for Jerry Sandusky about a protective order Cleland imposed after the trial.

Karl Rominger, part of Sandusky’s defense team, had appealed the order that he reveal the names of people he shared trial and grand jury materials.

Senior Judge John Cleland said in court papers Thursday that Rominger did not comply with the order from June 26.

Cleland’s order arose after a meeting among him, the grand jury judge and defense and prosecuting attorneys about protecting materials that were not introduced at the trial.

The major issue during the discussion was about a police interview with Sandusky’s adopted son, Matt, who said he had been touched inappropriately, that was leaked to NBC during the trial.

Cleland told Rominger and Joe Amendola to turn over a list of materials shared and who received them. 

Cleland said in his order Thursday that Amendola responded within the 10 days but Rominger did not.

Rominger apparently appealed Cleland’s order to the state Superior Court, but Cleland said that is not the proper procedure. 

Cleland said Rominger should have appealed to him first or had a hearing in which he would refuse and be held in contempt of court.

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