Jerry Sandusky Scandal

ABC asks judge for photos of Victim 1 in the Jerry Sandusky case

Victim 1 in the Jerry Sandusky case will do an interview with ABC, and the news organization is asking the judge to release photos so they can included in the broadcast.

Attorneys for ABC filed a motion Wednesday to Senior Judge John Cleland to gain access to the photos, which were pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution. Cleland has not allowed the evidence to be released.

The filing said the interview will air Friday. ABC originally said the interview would air Oct. 23.

Prosecutors showed the jury pictures from when Victim 1 was a student at Central Mountain High School. The photos were of the boy playing sports, like track.

ABC said case law supports its request and the public’s right to inspect court records and see how the criminal justice system works.

ABC said both the young man and his mother have consented to ABC using the photographs. But ABC said the prosecuting and defense attorneys could not be reached to get their approval.

Cleland has kept other parts of the case under wraps — for instance, the names of the jurors. The judge also has ordered that materials not be released to anyone who is not involved in the case. That came about in June after the audiotape of a police interview with Sandusky’s son, Matt Sandusky, was leaked during the trial to NBC.

Victim 1 testified against Sandusky at the trial in June, saying the former coach fondled and sexually assaulted him. The young man said he met Sandusky through a Second Mile camp.

The young man has a book coming out this fall.

Earlier this week, Penn State said its attorneys began to reach out to 20 young men who have alleged Sandusky abused them, including Victim 1.

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