Jerry Sandusky Scandal

State Superior Court grants Jerry Sandusky defense team extension to file appeal

The state Superior Court granted an extension Monday for Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorneys, who missed a deadline last month to file an appeal in the case.

In its ruling, the court gave defense attorney Karl Rominger until Dec. 26 to file a brief explaining his appeal of a protective order the trial judge imposed in June.

In an apparent move to stop the leaking of information in the case, Senior Judge John Cleland ordered Sandusky’s defense attorneys in June to give him the discovery materials they shared with those outside the case as well as the names of people who received the materials.

Rominger appealed the order to the state Superior Court but apparently missed a Nov. 22 deadline to file a brief.

The state Attorney General’s Office asked the court in early December to dismiss the appeal because Rominger missed the deadline, according to court documents.

Rominger responded that a paralegal in his office inadvertently failed to note the deadline on his calendar and asked that the mistake not be held against Sandusky.

The state Superior Court gave Rominger until Dec. 26, but added no further extensions will be granted.

The 68-year-old Sandusky, who was convicted of sexually abusing 10 young boys, sometimes on the Penn State campus, is serving 30 to 60 years in state prison.

Sandusky maintains his innocence and is asking for a new trial on the grounds that his attorneys did not have enough time to prepare his defense.