Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Paterno family pledges support for child sex abuse awareness and prevention; FBI profiler calls for investigation of Second Mile

The family of Joe Paterno is pledging to support programs to raise awareness of and prevent children from being victimized by pedophiles.

Some hints about the programs were mentioned in the Paterno family’s report on Sunday that blasted the way Louis Freeh characterized the former head coach in a scathing report this past summer.

The report said more information about the programs will be forthcoming.

Jim Clemente, an FBI profiler who contributed to the Paterno family report, suggested the creation of an organization to coordinate the efforts of state, local and community groups that provide services or programs related to victims of child sex abuse.

“This national organization would benefit greatly from the world-renowned charitable fundraising efforts of the Penn State student body and generous alumni,” Clemente wrote. “This would allow the organization to fund grants to improve child sexual victimization education and prevention efforts across the county and around the world.”

Clemente also advocated for setting up a support group for the Sandusky victims and the victims’ families, and he recommended that a panel of experts compile an education and prevention manual as a way to prevent abuse from occurring at any university, school, or organization.

In a separate part of Clemente’s written report, he called for an investigation into The Second Mile charity and said all former Second Mile participants who had one-on-one contact with Sandusky should be interviewed by a specialist.

He also called for interviewing Sandusky’s foster and adopted children.