Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Dick Thornburgh wants Freeh report investigation files open

Former state Gov. Dick Thornburgh, who co-wrote wrote the Paterno family’s rebuttal to the Freeh report, wants the files and records from the investigation released to the public.

“This will make it easier for everyone to judge the accuracy and thoroughness of his work,” Thornburgh said in a statement Friday released through a Paterno family spokeswoman. “The flaws of the Freeh report cannot be dismissed or overlooked.

“They are significant and numerous and must be addressed. This case will not be resolved until the record is set straight.”

Thornburgh’s statement comes a day after comments from Penn State trustee Ken Frazier during a board committee meeting Thursday.

Frazier dismissed the Paternos’ report as “just that — a report” and said it was not an independent investigation, it did not introduce new facts, and it did not provide the full historical record of what happened.

Frazier also said attempts to rewrite history would be damaging to the university.

“In my personal opinion, the Paterno report strains to interpret the 1998 and 2001 emails and other documentation in ways that are at odds with the plain language of those documents,” Frazier said about emails turned up by Freeh that suggest senior university leaders discussed responding to the incidents involving Jerry Sandusky and young boys in campus showers.

Earlier in that meeting, Frazier unleashed a verbal assault on Bill Cluck, a candidate for an alumni seat on the board, who questioned the Freeh report and the board’s decision-making.

Frazier said he did not care if the leaders — Tim Curley, Gary Schultz or Graham Spanier — were acquitted.

“The fact of the matter is, those documents say what they say, and no amount of hand-waving will ever change what those documents say.”