Jerry Sandusky Scandal

‘Today’ show lines up Sandusky interview for Monday

NBC says it will air a jailhouse interview with convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky on its “Today” show Monday.

In what the network is calling the first interview since Sandusky was sent to prison on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse, the former Penn State defensive coordinator reportedly will discuss “what he says happened on the campus, and what he thinks of whistle-blower Mike McQueary and late head coach Joe Paterno,” according to the “Today” show.

Sandusky, 68, was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison in October for sexually abusing 10 boys over a span of more than 15 years. He is in the equivalent of solitary confinement at the State Correctional Institution at Greene.

Sandusky maintains his innocence and is planning his appeal.

Although “Today” hasn’t released the content of the interview, John Ziegler, who runs the website has confirmed he will be on the show discussing interviews that he had done with Sandusky. The interview is a compilation of Ziegler’s interviews, including phone and in-person conversations and correspondence. According to The Associated Press, Ziegler plans to air taped excerpts of his interviews with Sandusky. The state bans recording devices during prison visits but does allow phone calls to be taped. There is no video or audio footage because of a commonwealth law that prohibits recording devices being used in state prisons.

The “Today” show airs locally on WJAC-TV from 7 to 10 a.m.

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