Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Paul Suhey’s response to letter

I was fortunate to be named captain of the 1979 team. Besides my parents, many of my coaches taught me invaluable lessons about life and living and being a successful human being on this earth. One of those lessons was that good leaders can't be afraid of doing the right thing because it's unpopular. Joe Paterno taught us the importance of integrity. As a board member, my obligation is to my conscience. My responsibility is to do what I think is right for the university that I love. I had to make what I knew would be a stunningly unpopular decision but I believed then, as I believe now for many reasons that it was the right decision. I understand that there are many people who believe it was the wrong decision, as much as I believe it was the right one. I am OK with that and I respect the opinions of others who disagree with me.