Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Matt Sandusky, adopted son of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, files for name change

Matt Sandusky, the adopted son of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, has filed a petition in Centre County Court to have his name changed.

The documents filed Tuesday have been sealed, but the case file lists the petitioners as Matt Sandusky, his wife and four children.

A sealed court order on Wednesday allowed Matt Sandusky to waive the publication of a legal notice that is required for a name change.

Matt Sandusky rocked his adoptive father’s trial last summer, when a police interview with Sandusky that was done midtrial was leaked to the press. Matt Sandusky told investigators his adoptive father had molested him when he was 8 until he was 15.

The recording was never introduced at the trial, but it did have one effect: keeping Jerry Sandusky off the stand. Prosecutors would have called Matt Sandusky as a rebuttal witness if Jerry Sandusky testified.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child abuse and was later sentenced to serve 30 to 60 years in state prison. He remains in solitary confinement in a state prison outside Waynesburg, Greene County, where he maintains his innocence.

Jerry Sandusky is appealing his conviction to the state’s Superior Court.