Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Judge signs protective order on Sandusky victim lawsuit

A federal judge signed off Wednesday on a confidentiality agreement and protective order in one of the Jerry Sandusky lawsuits.

The order was stipulated and agreed to by attorneys for the plaintiff, John Doe 6, and defendants Penn State, The Second Mile and Sandusky. All parties jointly made the request in August.

Judge Anita Brody signed the document Wednesday after a telephone conference with the parties. Her order covers “all documents, the information contained therein and all other information produced or disclosed in the course of discovery, including response to discovery requests, deposition testimony and exhibits and information derived directly therefrom.” Documents will be designated “confidential information” or “highly confidential — attorneys’ eyes only — information.”

Brody left in language that said the court was not be bound by the order and might change its terms, but removed a portion that required the court to notify the parties and give counsel an opportunity to challenge the court’s decision.

Penn State announced in October 2013 that it had paid out $59.7 million in settlements with 26 of Sandusky’s victims. John Doe 6 did not settle and is pursuing a civil suit.

The former assistant football coach was convicted of child sex abuse charges in June 2012 and is incarcerated at the state prison in Greene County.