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Reign in the PIAA

I just posted on Facebook my thoughts about playing state championship football in Hershey today, and I'll share them here.

It's historic and fantastic that State High is there, and I think they'd win in any conditions.

But today is not a day for play, considering that every school in the Harrisburg area and likely the Capitol would be closed with snow like this.

But not the PIAA, it marches on and just moves game time up. It doesn't care about the fans and it doesn't seem to realize the teams have to travel in these conditions.

The all-powerful PIAA should be reigned in and given a reality check. These games could be played Monday, but of course PIAA types would have to work that close to Christmas.

As it stands the PIAA has extended the football season so long that there's no room for postponements. So the teams are playing today, just a few hours earlier.

I hope there are no major accidents with people trying to get the game and get home. Having lived in the Harrisburg area for 18 years, I know what the roads are like. 

After this, let's hope some legislators start questioning the PIAA.