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Witnessing history

I watch my share of sporting events, and just last month we saw the most amazing closing competition in the Pro Bull Riders World Finals.

Two guys, battling it out over days in Vegas, separated by essentially only one score.

And on the final day, they both rode spectacularly, with one nailing both rides and the other just coming up short on one but winning the overall. It was relentless, top level competition, and the crowd knew it was special.

I didn't think anything could compete with that for a long, long time until last night, when two tremendous volleyball teams collided in Tampa.

You expected a great match and this was everything expected and much more.

Texas was incredible, taking two early sets and rattling the Nittany Lions like they haven't been rattled this year. But the champions roared back, tying the match and then winning in an incredible fifth set that matched any athletic performance you might see.

We witnessed history last night, a team that would not lose and deserves every accolade sent their way.