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Holding the deadline

Papers were late Sunday for good reason. There was late sports -- an historic volleyball match in Florida -- and a snowstorm.

We alerted readers for three days about late sports possibly making papers late, and of course the State High game started and finished much earlier that expected.

But volleyball stayed on course, and it required us to hold the deadline to get in the amazing story of Penn State's three-peat.

Fans have been buzzing about this from coast to coast and I can tell because Web reading is skyrocketing on the volleyball stories.

A late paper? One reader sent an angry gram saying he's not interested in volleyball or State High football for that matter and papers should be on time.

That's fine, we all march to diffferent drummers, but he's in the minority when it comes to volleyball. And I guess he didn't notice that we had weather.

Anyway, I think readers largely appreciate when we hold deadlines to get in what they care about. I hope so anyway.