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A costly budget

Well, Pennsylvanians, we have a budget  so we should applaud.

Not so fast, as Lee Corso would say. It would be better to watch your wallet, because what isn't known until the dust settles from this is how much it cost to feed and fuel legislators who should have passed a budget 101 days ago.

They qualified for per diems during what should have been recess, and it will take awhile for the expenses to be filed and for reporters to dig in. But you'll read a headline, I'm sure, pointing out how costly this ridiculous budget statemate really was.

Look closely at the details of the budget and I'm sure you won't see a single thing that couldn't have been decided 101 days ago.

Gov. Ed Rendell and the highly paid bunch should be ashamed at how they stood behind extreme partisan politics and dug lines in the sand, rather than did their jobs for the people who elected them. 

Just watch how much you're going to pay for this. And at the same time demand reforms like a new budget process and a smaller legislature and cost of government. You deserve it after this fiasco.