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Yep, there are tailgate rules

My mother truly loved tailgates at Penn State, and enjoyed them until she couldn't anymore. She died seven years ago.

She wasn't bothered by people drinking a bit, but she was scared every week about footballs flying toward her.

It never failed, somebody would be throwing footballs near her, and often not paying one bit of attention to other tailgaters.

So it didn't surprise me when we found football throwing everywhere during recent tailgates. It's against the rules, so you know, for reasons that concerned my mother.

I was surprised that we found charcoal fires around Beaver Stadium. I can't believe people are still doing that.

I'm on record saying Penn State should have banned glass bottles everywhere, not just on grass. It didn't surprise me that the selective ban is not really working.

Today's tailgate story may surprise you in some way. Or maybe you don't really care what the rules are, just so you can have your blast.

It's creating a buzz today, as it should. Enjoy your tailgates tomorrow and perhaps think anew about the rules.