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Seniors take a bow

After a turnover filled first half that turned Beaver Stadium into essentially a library for 105,000, the linebackers led the Lions out of their funk to the expected win.

The students helped big time with a special Wave that involved the entire crowd and reversed itself in amazing fashion.

At the end the Lions went to 9-2 and you had to feel great for Sean Lee, Daryll Clark, Josh Hull, Even Royster and the rest of the seniors.

They delivered, despite another choppy effort by the special teams.

It's on to East Lansing for an important game. I don't see a BCS bid for PSU, despite what some are dreaming. I think a Capital One or Outback and a tough test against an SEC team would suit the Lions well.

Here's our full coverage today along with the final two Penn State football memories columns published Saturday. Thanks to the writers, news editor Stave Smith  and quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno.