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Scheduling problem

When the dust settles after the details are released about the new Beaver Stadium seating a pricing policy, I think the chorus of complaints will be about the schedule.

The money is the main outcry now, from fans who don't even yet know what it all will cost.

That's natural, and the other natural thing is that any change brings immediate criticism. Anyone in an editor's chair sees that regularly, as we make changes in many cases forced for economic reasons. They're immediately slammed.

In the case of Beaver Stadium seats, prices are going to have to go up. Fans know that, and after their initial complaints I think they'll be most upset with the teams they'll see play.

And Penn State isn't in great shape here, since Indiana State will be the first visitor in 2011 when higher prices apply.

Alabama follows, and that's the best news PSU has in its favor.

Somehow, that noncon schedule is going to have to improve, if fans are going to lay out extra dough. Is anyone working on that at PSU?