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No rush in Harrisburg

Wonder what's taking so long at the state Capitol? A deal was announced last week, and that should lead to a vote, right?

Well no, not in Harrisburg.

The deal was announced to give them breathing room, to assure voters that all is well. But the details weren't ironed out and the rank-and-file were essentially clueless.

I had a legislator on the phone complaining that nothing is being done the afternoon that the deal with announced at night.  He and other rank-and-file representatives didn't know.

So you can imagine that they might have an objection or two to some of the details. 

I would expect it to pass and get signed by Gov. Ed Rendell in the middle or late next week. Why rush?

And don't mention that all of this should have been done three months ago. They don't want you to remember that.