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Real work begins

I really can't recall a game in recent years when it rained through the tailgate and the game with no stopping.

Amazing, really, and the fans who made up the White House deserve a round of applause.

Everyone was wet and many were cold, great football weather for ducks.

Iowa, beautifully coached, handled the elements and the crowd with precision, exposing Penn State's weaknesses and vaulting into the polls.

The Nittany Lions have question marks in the offensive line, and you saw those on display Saturday night. And they hadn't played anybody, hadn't had any test, before Iowa and they paid for that Saturday night.

I found it interesting that they never again tried the pass play that scored on the first play of the game. Daryll Clark didn't have much time, granted, but somebody had to think to give it a shot.

Instead the Nittany Lions ground to a halt after scoring 10 points, and Iowa's defense took over the game and the Lions' backfield.

It was a tough loss in the White House and we'll see where Penn State goes from here.

The polls had been kind, too kind, to the Nittany Lions and some other teams. Now ther real work begins.