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More costly than ever

I'm pretty much disgusted with the budget impasse in Harrisburg, as it continues more than a week after they fell over themselves announcing an agreement.

There's a lot to dislike in this agreement, as you read virtually every day. It doesn't surprise me that the rank and file aren't quite in line.

They're taking their good old time, and as this goes on the cost of this legislature grows.

Few are paying attention to this, but without a recess and the meter running all summer this legislature is going to take away more per diems than ever and will be more costly than ever in a year, at a time when it has not done its job.

This will be a headline later this year, when their benefits can be tallied, but safe to say the second-highest paid legislature is going to take more from taxpayers in 2009 than any other year. And that's ashame.