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Opinion page changing

Our opinion page will take on a new name and change in emphasis starting Monday. Look for details in my Sunday column about this and a couple of other changes.

Rich Kerstetter, who has directed our opinion page for several years, is moving on and will be missed.

We'll change things now and I'll oversee the page and it contents.

That means letters, and one of the changes we're making will let us run letters more quickly. We have some impatient readers who want to see their letter published immediately, or who think they are the only letter writer. I'm not sure which.

But we do appreciate their letters and do want to run them as soon as possible.

I hope letter writers work within a 250-word maximum length. That will help the process.

Letters will be edited and questions will be raised, like my question about a letter saying Barack Obama was abandoned by his parents. I asked the letter writer to recast that to reflect reality, and after five e-mail exchanges I'm not sure that the person understands.

But that's our reality when it comes to letters, and we raise questions no matter the politics to try to make letters factual, while at the same time vehicles for opinion. Some of what I've seen regarding Obama would make your head spin.

It'll be a fun ride and I'll share some of it with you here.