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A championship

By now you know I'm a Penn State basketball fan and a Jamelle Cornley fan.

No mystery there. An editor can be a fan.

It's been a long run. I've been going to games since 1976 and yes, I was in New Orleans when the Nittany Lions beat North Carolina to make the Sweet 16 a few years back. Went to Atlanta and saw the loss to Temple that followed.

I went to the George Mason game in this NIT and marveled, like you, at the spectacular shot by Talor Battle that kept the game alive. Battle stayed hot and the Nittany Lions won that game, and I felt then that they had their heads together and could make an NIT run.

I went to March Madness games in Philly and Glendale, as is our practice, and missed the other games on TV and radio until New York, when I watched the destruction of Notre Dame and now Baylor.

I picked the Lions to run the table, and why not. Cornley and Battle are special, and this team is well coached and together.

You don't win games at Michigan State and Illinois and have loose parts. I called them Road Warriors in a few midday reports, for good reason.

It's been great to see the progress of Andrew Jones, the grit of Danny Morrissey, who topped himself tonight, and the speed of Stanley Pringle.

It's been great to watch this team record 27 wins, the most in PSU history, and win that very first championship.

Is this the best Penn State basketball team? Perhaps, but fans should savor this one and look to next year, because the NIT should be used as a springboard to great things.

No more bubbles for PSU. It's time for a good pre-conference schedule put together by Coach Ed DeChellis and some big wins. We'll be watching. 

Let me end with a thanks. To Jamelle Cornley. The warrior who wanted this so badly. He  and his teammates .... are champions.