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Creature of change

My sister recently called me a creature of change, which is strange since I've never moved from Pennsylvania and now live a mile from where I lived as a Penn State senior.


Well it does apply, because in recent years bull riding has become my favorite sport and I'm online all the time, sending tweets these days and working our Web site.

It's great fun, and we've come so, so far from the days of printing a paper and then waiting 24 hours until the next one.

We've been changing, and we'll change some more next week in print. These changes are necessary now to keep us healthy as the economy continues to struggle. They're the right things at the right time, and they'll make the Centre Daily Times a more local newspaper.

That's exciting, but it's also jarring considering change is involved.

I'll explain what's ahead in Sunday's column, like I always do. The creature of change in me makes sure everything is communicated.