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Obama and Penns Valley

Two days in a row began with the rudest voices on my voicemail. Of course, neither reader left a name or phone number. I wonder why.

The first guy criticized us for running three photos of President Obama with the troops in Iraq. This caller clearly doesn't think Obama is fit to be commander in chief, but he is and the caller will have to come to grips with it. I'm sure he'd be the first guy to call if we didn't have three photos of President Bush with the troops.

Today's first caller was a screaming woman who says we never have anything about Penns Valley schools in our calendar. Penns Valley is part of the county, she yelled. Well, yes it is, and Penns Valley even has its own column on Wednesdays in our On Centre rotation.

Her complaint rests with the schools, however, so if any Penns Valley teachers or administrators read this please know that you can send event information to and submit local news and photos to Just like the rest of the county.

I don't know about you, but it drives me nuts when people take the time to call me and scream in my voicemail and don't leave a name and number. I would love to talk to them.