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Happy readers

We just might have a few happy readers out there today, as the comics and puzzles page made its move out of Weekender and onto a news page.

Finally, some may say. I pretty much got one call or three every Friday about comics being too small to read on the tab Weekender pages.

It was frustrating, for readers and for me since we couldn't move it.

But we figured out a way and we moved it for the first time today. I'm sure some appreciate it too.

On the comics front, we've received the most calls this week, not surprisingly, about Dilbert losing out in the recent comics survey. It left our daily pages starting Monday along with four other comics.

Readers -- including this one -- indicated that they want it back, and we've decided we can make that happen starting April 20.

So, the news breaks in a blog that Dilbert will return daily very soon. Let's hear it.