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Fitting sendoff for Harry

The Phillies and the Kalas family hosted and emotional and beautiful memorial service for Harry Kalas Saturday at Citizens Bank Park.

I decided on Thursday to go, and ended up getting a great seat to Saturday night's game along with a room to make it a full day.

I had to go. I never met Kalas, but like every Phillies fan felt like I knew him. He broadcast Phils' games for 37 years and I heard so many of them.

Gov. Ed Rendell, one of the speakers, talked about how you heard Kalas at the shore and durng breaks in wedding receptions. The governor knows Phillies fans.

Other speakers were outstanding too, as they helped the fans remember the great things about one of the greatest announcers.

He was the Phillies voice, and the fans voice. He took you there, and no matter how bad things were he made them OK.

My first thought when I heard he died was that it was fantastic that he called the World Series win last year. He was prevented by league rules to do that in 1980, but last year was his, and ours.

There wasn't a dry eye in the stadium Saturday as Kalas' casket was passed down by family to the Phillies players and Charlie Manuel, who placed it in the hearse.

And the playing of his favorite song, "Bridge over Troubled Water," and his magical "High Hopes" just made it all so special.

The Phiilies did this with such class. It was one of those events that I could only say I was glad I went.

The game was pretty good too, an incredible atmosphere and historic, in that Brad Lidge blew his first save and the game since joining the Phils. It had to happen, and there it did Saturday night.

You just wonder how Kalas would have called it.