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Who cares about Rose Bowl fine?

The first two comments with the short item confirming a Rose Bowl fine for Penn State said what I expected them to say.

"Who cares? Who really cares?"

Yeah, who cares since it's all about Coach Joe Paterno violating media rules that the bowl has in place. Paterno and the media? Old story. Again, who cares?

Well, Penn State should care, and fans who can see clearly should care. Because all of this happened on a national stage and it looked ridiculous for Penn State and for Paterno.

It's one thing if a guest invited to a party can't behave and embarrasses everybody there. It's another thing entirely if a coach and a program invited to a prestigious event thumbs its nose at that event's rules by picking on an old adversary -- the media.

I happen to go to NCAA tournament games and I don't see coaches like Jim Calhoun, Jay Wright, Tom Izzo or others pull this kind of stunt. And I don't see this stuff done at other bowl games. Somehow coaches give interviews, and locker rooms are open to reporters. Pretty basic stuff.

We won't know what the Rose Bowl fine is or who will pay it. I guess that falls under who cares too.