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Journalism 101

As a practice, we withhold names of people connected to a potential crime but are not charged.

That's the way I've operated, and that's how we handled the news of a Blue/White weekend incident in Nittany Apartments. Sara Ganim's post online was the first report of it yesterday.

We're not naming names,as you can see.

Unfortunately another paper and at least one TV station ran with names and photos, and they should ask themselves what they remember from journalism 101, or ethics.

This news has to be reported, but these football players involved may not be charged with anything. Or they may be charged, but we don't know that yet.

It's most unfortunate that Penn State police didn't investigate and resolve this high-profile case quickly. Here we are a week and a half from Blue/White and there's this cloud hanging.

In my view, there shouldn't be names named.