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Updating the case

Readers have been seeking an update on the Lance Marshall case for weeks.

So today there's an update, a window into a grand jury investigation, and some online posters are acting like this is a problem.

I'd venture to say they're some of the same people who were eager to have an update in the case in the first place. And I'd add that they're likely to be some of the people who just love to poke holes in everything online.

They only know about the Marshall case, the details and now this update, because of a reporter's work. It's public service journalism, whether they recognize it or not.

It's always much easier to criticize than to provide insightful comments. But they should know that some of their comments with today's story show they don't understand the legal system or don't care to know about things like this.

They should because this all adds up to taxpayer money, to fund the office initially and to pay for legal fees.