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Miley's coming. No bull

Miley Cyrus is coming to Happy Valley, and I know one little girl who will want to fly from Colorado to attend the really big show.

My niece, Cassidy, is 8 and it's easy to buy her stuff. Anything Miley or Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers turns out just perfect.

I noticed Miley isn't playing Denver, so it would be natural for Cassidy to want to see her here.

I'd be all for it, too, but I'll be heading west at that time to meet Cassidy and her parents.

Yep, it'll be time for the second weekend of the PBR finals in Vegas, perhaps the greatest sporting event in the calendar year.

That's the bull riding finals, folks, and I wouldn't miss them. There's a fantastic race among young riders for the world title, and it'll all be decided in Vegas that weekend.

As for Cassidy, she announced last month at a PBR event in Pueblo, CO, that she really likes bull riding. Seemed to love it for the three hours we were there.

So maybe in this case bulls will outrank Miley. I guess we'll find out.