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Blogging in spotlight

We seem to have a lot of bloggers who aren't blogging.

How do I know?

Well with the Web site redesign we now feature five blogs on the home page based on the most recent posts. So there's finally real incentive for bloggers to show their stuff.

But our few dozen bloggers seem to be on vacation all at once. Certainly they don't realize the new-found spotlight they could have.

You'll find Back in Happy Valley on the home page a lot. I do like to blog.

We welcome any reader to start a blog on It's very easy. Just become a registered user of the site and create your profile and you can start a blog from there.

Try it if you want to write regularly about a topic, a team, a passion, or about just living here in Happy Valley. Why not?

When you start your blog send a link to and we'll place you on our community blogs page.

That page now features the bloggers who've posted most recently. Others are on a spillover page and the blogs move up automatically when there's a post.

The result: Blogging is now in the spotlight on