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Reaching out to legislators

We reached out to area legislators last week in seeking their answers to questions about the status of the state budget process.

Those questions were on our minds and readers' minds, based on what we hear.

Thanks to four of the five legislators for answering them. The first part of their answers is published today, and the second part comes tomorrow.

Rep. Mike Hanna did not find time to answer them, he said, because he's busy with committee work. He also said the Dem Caucus in the House is focusing on the recession and its impact on future budgets, and "the budget questions you're asking arent the budget issues I've been focused on.".

Interesting, because I think his constituents have some of the questions we posed.

No doubt Hanna is busy but the others are too, and I think he missed a golden opportunity to share a bit about what's going on with his constituents.  Maybe next time.