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Kobe's bid fails

Somehow Kobe Bryant found time in his busy NBA schedule to offer a testimonial on why the PIAA should take the state hoops championships back to Hershey.

Imagine that, Kobe taking sides in favor of Chocolate Town over Penn State.

The audacity of it all. ... by Hershey, I mean. Honestly, did they think Kobe on video would sway the PIAA board?

Hershey certainly did mount a full-court press, but it went away pouting after losing the vote.

The hoops tournament fits nicely in the Bryce Jordan Center, just like wrestling fits in Hershey.

Actually, perhaps in three years the Jordan Center should take Cael Sanderson down to pitch for the wrestling championships to move north. His team may be national champ by then.

Now that might really shake Hershey up.