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BOO for Rendell's proposal

Web readers are acting like Philadelphia sports fans in giving their opinion of Gov. Ed Rendell's proposal for a "temporary" state income tax hike.

Can you hear the collective BOO?

It's seen in our poll and comments with the story, and print readers will see some of those comments on Friday's Views page.

The temporary tax has had me shaking my head all day. Why would we expect government to reduce tax rates? And why would Rendell even suggest this, since he'll be long from Harrisburg in three years? I hope Pennsylvanians don't really think this will be temporary.

Rendell and his side have yet to counter the GOP-suggested massive cuts. My guess is they won't.

Actually, my years and years of watching Harrisburg have me thinking that we'll get Rendell's income tax hike along with a sales tax increase this year.

Yes we'll get both. And they'll be passed with the budget in the wee hours of some mid-July night, after state government has been partially shut down.

That sounds like a wild prediction but it fits this budget year in Harrisburg.


I can hear the BOOs intensify. What I can't hear is any real debate about cuts, and any suggestion of cuts to the legislature and government itself.

No pay or benefit cut, no downsizing in any way. They just move right along in political gridlock, don't they.

Just watch out for those tax hikes. Two for the price of one, for that matter.