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Rendell's math

I've always been impressed at how Gov. Ed Rendell can talk to a group -- any group -- and make it think it's No 2, at least, in his pecking order.

Sometimes No. 1 but certainly No. 2. The group's members always think he's in their corner.

That's a sharp politician but I think he outdid himself yesterday. He proposed $500 million in budget cuts but his budget remains as proposed in February at $28.9 billion.

Amazing. Wonder if that's the Investigations math as taught in State College.

Rendell is trying to sell a 16 percent personal income tax hike to a public that has seen job cuts and pay cuts while Rendell's government grows and grows.

Rendell is also trying to push legislative leaders to work and compromise on a budget. They're still watching and waiting. For what?

It's easy to understand. Tough decisions, including one or two tax increases, loom. They're in no rush to approve them. No rush at all.