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Looking out for themselves

These are the days I most enjoy being in Happy Valley, well away from Harrisburg.

I worked there for 18 years, all at the Patriot-News, many overseeing state government coverage among other news coverage.

On days like these, as the state budget deadline passed and state workers started living in fear about not being paid, it never made sense.

Why couldn't legislators and the governor do their job and pass a budget on time?

What would they talk about on a day like today -- past the deadline -- that they didn't talk about previously?

Our headline today, "In partisan limbo," said it all really, because Pennsylvania is paralyzed by politics.

It's been like that for many years and nothing has changed, now that I live and love Happy Valley.

Harrisburg runs on politics, and stops in its tracks on politics. Legislators and the governor aren't looking out for Pennsylvanians. No they're looking out for themselves and their political futures.

They're faced with a super tough decision this year and they will delay it as long as they can. How long can they hold this state hostage?

We're going to find out. And when we do, watch your taxes rise quite sharply.