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Getting more ridiculous

Rep. Dwight Evans has been at the Capitol for a long time. Probably too long.

It's nothing short of ridiculous what he was a part of yesterday, releasing a House Dems budget that spends more than Gov. Ed Rendell's plan.

It came two weeks after the state's budget deadline, and weeks after Rendell first proposed a tax increase.

What happened? Did Evans and his buddies doze off, only to awaken yesterday.

We won't get into specifics of the House Dems plan, because it's going nowhere, fortunately.

But Evans and company might get with the program here in 2009. We're paying the freight for them, after all.

Perhaps voters can do us a favor and send them packing. 

Hello Harrisburg? Anyone down there know that it won't be cool in one bit if state workers miss paydays, and if municipalities, counties and schools face shortfalls because of their partisan bickering.

This circus should end and the tent should come down. Make the hard decisions and pass a budget.