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Smarts off the field

Occasionally, like again today, we read emails from fans who accuse us of not publicizing the academic success of Penn State football players.

We ignore it, they say, while broadcasters like on the Big Ten Network talk about it.

We don't ignore it, if they want a reality check. We report on academic success.

However we don't overreport it. These players have tutors. They also have full scholarships. Their academic success shouldn't get more headlines than other Penn State students.

That's essentially what the emailers get back from me. Thanks, and it has been reported.

Of course their emails go to us, other media, and then the athletic department, where someone pounds away at emails to alert us regularly of this academic success. Best in the Big Ten, or second best. High in the country.

I think the coverage is enough. And I think most readers would agree.