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Starting over

Well, here we are, glad to start the blogging process on our new commenting system called Pluck.

I had nearly 2,000 blog items on the old system -- some good, most not, but all fun, and it's great to start anew.

I hope all of our other current bloggers join me and I hope a good number of readers jump into the blogging universe. It's a blast.

Now for a review of the title. I call it Back in Happy Valley because I am back living in Centre County, after working elsewhere upon graduation at Penn State. Like many alums I always enjoyed visit after visit and jumped at a chance to return.

This is my sixth year Back in Happy Valley and fourth with a blog, I think.

I hope to tell you a good bit about what we do and why we do it here, and to give you a feel for Happy Valley if you're living hours and states away.

As always, thanks for reading us. Now let the adventure begin anew.