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PSU super fandom

Have to say I laughed out loud when I read the post below by one of our anonymous bloggers (Veblen) in town.

I'll give credit where it's due: He's so right and I wish I would have come up with this line.

Here's what he wrote, after having been burned by posting a perceived "negative" comment about Penn State football on our Web site:

" ... just a warning, making any comment at the CDT that can be construed as the least bit negative to Penn State football is the cyberspace equivalent of walking in a Penn State frat in an Ohio State sweatshirt."

We have a few readers who no doubt wave blue and white shakers when they post online and write me e-mails, and I've told some of them that. But different viewpoints make the world go around and certainly make Web talk vibrant.

Here's what they often say when they pounce on something we write that comes out "negative:" Start writing about the players and stop picking on this or that.

We do write about the players, as much as we can really, and you can see that throughout the season.  That's if you read us everyday.