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State College building projects

The State College Area School Board has been doing a great job of reaching out to the community to plan its building renovations.

That work has resulted in several proposals for the high school, and those will be presented to readers on Monday by reporter Ed Mahon.

On Tuesday Ed will report on elementary school options.

The reports will come in advance of next Thursday's meeting and give everyone a chance to participate.

There are seven high school proposals and I'll be interested in the reaction when readers learn about them and their cost. Let's just say the old high school project that drew so much controversy would fall in the middle of this range.

Will there be outcry of not being involved? Or will residents understand that work has gone into this and they can participate now -- and all along -- if they'd like to?

I'd say there's a 50-50 chance of either of those reactions dominating. We'll see.

Look for our reports Monday and Tuesday.