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Tough going

Earlier this year an out-of-towner asked me if the curtains ever come down at the Bryce Jordan Center for men's hoops.

"Is there ever a crowd in here?"

I said sure, but it takes winning and it takes good opponents.

So here we are, with crowds back. Centre Countians are turning out, and today was the largest crowd in years, in my view. No curtains, packed sections, and about 14,000.

Looks like another big crowd next Saturday for Minnesota, too, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Penn State again couldn't shoot and the Wisconsin Badgers hung around and won going away 54-44. The assembled audience had very little to cheer about.

We're into crunch time in the Big Ten and Penn State is a few wins away from a sure NIT. An NCAA bid? That may be off the table now, given that the early season sked is working hard against the Lions.

But get hot and this team could make a run in the Big Ten tourney. Well, there's the shot.

Anyway, it was a great hoops crowd today. Great to see it.