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Remember the Grange

It's not surprising that we're again at that rock and hard place position in State College, where the school board has to determine the academic calendar.

There are several options, none perfect, and of course there's the option of holding the first day of classes during the Grange Fair.

It's not new and it's always controversial. The board at times has made the wrong decision in the past.

I urge board members to realize that State College students and parents are heavily involved in the Grange Fair and will be in Centre Hall on that final day. They'll want to be there. They'll deserve to be there.

I realize the vocal community from across College Avenue wants a full Penn State spring break with their State College kids. Understood. But is that more important that letting the kids attend the entire Grange Fair?

I'd say no.

As expected, a longtime board member is already off base by saying the option of starting on the last day of the fair is "most satisfactory satisfactory to the majority of people." 

This is a tough choice, and it might be as tough as deciding which school building plans to pursue. The board should side with the Grange.