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Stimulating talk anyway

Rep. Scott Conklin is wrapping his arms around the stimulus, making what seem like great announcements for the county.

But these funding levels are not a done deal, others say, and some of Conklin's details were reported by PennDOT (and us) a month ago. PennDOT says a final list of projects is weeks away. 

Politicians love a good story, but we'll go for a complete, confirmed story.

Here's Conklin's latest news release e-mail, dated today, and I'm sure it's getting him broadcast headlines anyway:

  " Centre County State Representative Scott Conklin today praised the Obama administration for targeting more than $11 million dollars in federal funding for mass transits and infrastructure improvements to the 77 district.   The Centre Area Transportation Authority is scheduled to receive $9.2 million dollars to expand its maintenance facility, replace and upgrade buses and fund a new publication initiative. $2.2 million dollars is slated to be spent on improving the safety of Route 26 over Pine Grove Mountain in Ferguson Township.  



            "Conklin said this infusion of money will help create jobs,  improve the safety of Centre County highways and promote mass transits.  


"Other Centre County Projects:


"$1.883 Million to replace the Marsh Creek Bridge (SR 1001) in Curtin Township

$1.54 Million to replace a bridge over Penns Creek (SR 2014) in Gregg Township

$1.54 Million for bridge preservation on Route 322

$4.11 Million for resurfacing projects in Pleasant Gap.

$31 Million for I-80 overlay in Centre and Clinton Counties."