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A fair decision

I'm disappointed, as are many, that State College schools will start on the final day of the Grange Fair.

It's a step backward, for sure, to prior board decisions.

But in this case I can't fault the board, which received a lot of input.

The board also cut into Penn State's week-long spring break, no doubt upsetting a lot of families.

So the decision was tough and it was fair. Labor Day and the Grange Fair come late this year.

Perhaps there will just have to be high absentees on the final day of the fair and during Penn State's spring break.

The board has another shot next year, in this annual taffy pull. Until then, they should all enjoy the fair with the rest of the county.

Maybe they should look west to Colorado, where I don't hear complaints about the public schools calendar.

My niece starts elementary school around Aug. 10 and has a two-semester calendar, while her dad teaches year round in high school. The teachers and kids get off for about a month three times a year.