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Content sharing makes difference

We're running more state government news that ever, perhaps, in the Centre Daily Times and that's in part due to our content sharing arrangement with the Patriot-News.

Readers are starting to notice it, and today's paper presents a great example of what we're able to publish from Harrisburg now.

Jan Murphy's storyon the state's new hotline run to report the misuse of state cars is one we wouldn't have had previously, and Charlie Thompson's story on the federal boost for the state's medical assistance program is another.

The car story in particular is fascinating, because we've read reports about how Gov. Ed Rendell's limo essentially flies on the highways.

Now we read about state-issued cars going at 85 mph to 90 mph.

Surprise you? Maybe not, but now you know you that this is under scrutiny.

Why taxpayers should fun more than 16,000 state cars is another story entirely. 

I'm particularly glad we have this additional state government news this year, because tough spending decisions are going to be made in 2009. They'll be made behind closed doors, but you'll know more about the process through these stories.