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Not like Ann Arbor

I'm in the middle of plenty of group e-mails, and some are even interesting.

Today one came from a group that knows me, yet nobody contacted me directly about the subject of the Ann Arbor News moving to a Web-only product this summer.

Yes, that decision was announced today by the private Newhouse company, or Advance.

Nobody contacted me to ask whether that will happen here, but this group skirted the issue and I answered one member.

Of course I received no response, which should be basic courtesy but isn't anymore in America.

To that person I pointed out that Newhouse is private and there's no warning to its announcements, which have been coming fast and furious these days. Ours, McClatchy, is a public company and everyone knows about it, including its announcements to reduce expenses, which we've done.

There's a big difference, I said, and we are not destined to follow Ann Arbor online. In fact, our changes will make us a very local paper, something I'm excited about and I would think some of these people might like too.

I did point out to the writer, though, that I'm familiar with Ann Arbor on the Web. I make sure our Penn State football content is robust during and after a game, and in the times the Nittany Lions have played Michigan I naturally checked the Ann Arbor Web presentation. There's been little or nothing, which leads me to know a lot has to be done to make it online only.

Best wishes to all, including the local group whose members could have called or contacted me directly to discuss the matter at hand.