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Time for a slow train

So Gov. Ed Rendell doesn't tolerate "triple-digits speeds" anymore, according to his press guy.

This is the same press guy, I'll note, who royally defended Rendell's closed meeting at Penn State last week. None of your business, he said.

Well the media found out about the speed of Rendell's car, so it's now everybody's business. So what if the 99 mph speed was attained without the governor being in the governor's car.

"Fast Eddie" has been there before, and it's obvious that he holds himself and his troopers above all others on the road. They're somehow different down there in Harrisburg, or at least they think they are.

Rendell and his troopers should spend a little time out of the car. In fact, they should take the next slow Amtrak to Philly, stopping at the dozen or so Pennsylvania stations.

Just think. We'll all be safer on the roads with them on the train.