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How things change

It would be too easy to ignore the state House passing a budget in March, during a week dominated by health care reform and bonusgate. 

Yeah, the same House that held state workers and Pennsylvanians hostage last year in fooling around way past the deadline.

What has changed?

Not the spending level, which increases by 4 percent in this budget passed with virtually no debate and mirroring Gov. Ed Rendell's plan.

What has changed is this is an election year and they have to, for the first time in years, pay attention to voters.

But voters should pay attention to this and ask why Pennsylvania's issue and various funding levels weren't discussed before the budget was passed.

Harrisburg is dysfunctional, and here's yet another example. We need reform and we need a Constitutional Convention to bring reform. 

The Senate has a couple months before a budget has to be passed. They'll add reality to the equation, fortunately.