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Timing of hazing

It's important to review the timing of the Penn State fraternity hazing incident that's now ablaze on the Web.

It occurred on Feb. 11 during the Interfraternity Council's widely publicized alcohol-free "rush" period.

It took place a little over a week before Thon, the celebrated fraternity event, and it's two weeks before State Patty's Day, which we all know about.

So on Feb. 11, as police report, this primitive activity occurred with a fraternity president right there but having lost control of the night.

No wonder top IFC people aren't talking. 

Maybe in fact this kind of thing occurred in the past, but why should it occur now?

Fortunately, this didn't result in a loss of life. But it should serve as another wakeup call that the community must push for changes to combat the excessive drinking culture here.

Our Focus on Excessive Drinking series has sparked many ideas in town and on campus. It will continue.